About Us

Innovation in products and services

Fractals Ventures is an organization which adopts engineering and advanced technologies to create new businesses and high performance operating models for manufacturers.

Its capacity embeds development of capital goods, analytical and artificial intelligence solutions which are combined with management skills to boost manufacturing organizations seeking for performance improvement and/or growth and/or new markets penetration through innovation in products and services.

Our vision is to be a differentiated option for manufacturing transformation, covering end- to-end needs through the following:

  • Network of professionals, consultants, specialists and suppliers.
  • Hardware and software development capabilities.
  • Established competences in operations, processes and technologies.
  • Alliances with universities and schools in software development and R&D.
  • Alliances with corporate venture capital and other funding providers.
  • Analytical capabilities to build and implement new business and operating models.
  • Connection with innovation ecosystems to speed up projects through integration of adequate startups.

Social purpose

We support new talents generation in technology, working closely with universities and schools, under our rigorous supervision.

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