About Us

Common Questions

  • Is Fractals Ventures a manufacturing company?

    No. We are manufacturing specialists. We work with manufacturing companies to serve other manufacturing customers (B2B). We use the factories of our suppliers, partners, and customers to manufacture our solutions.

  • Is Fractals Ventures an R&D company?

    No. We work in partnership with research institutes.

  • Is Fractals Ventures a consulting firm?

    Also. Our difference is that we participate in our clients' ventures right up to the implementation of the proposed solution.

  • Is Fractals Ventures a technology company?

    Also. We use advanced technologies to implement our customers' solutions. We work in collaboration with universities and research institutes.

  • Is Fractals Ventures an engineering company?

    Also. We have strong applied engineering expertise to develop our projects.

  • Is Fractals Ventures a startup?

    In parts. We have high scalable potential through our LAB and our business model, comparable to startups.

  • Is Fractals Ventures a Corporate Venture Capital?

    In parts. We have alliances with investment funds and act, in the new ventures, in the role of CVC.

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