What is it?

'Servitization' is the transformation of industrial firms to provide a combination of products and outcome-based services instead of produtcs alone.

Source: The Advanced Services Group

What does your company win with it?

We position ourselves differently than the competition because we do not compete on selling the cheapest product anymore. We provide a long-term value-based solution that makes our customers more successful.

What do you need to do?

  • Start with the customer first. Understand how you can make them more successful.

  • Design and execute a service-led business model.

Other benefits of 'Servitization'

Product Sale

Businesses providing outcome-based services benefit from being able to sell more products over a long term.

Product Knowledge

Businesses can learn more about how the product is used and its condition through outcome-based services.

Increased Revenue & Profits

Outcome-based services provide an additional revenue stream to complement the product sales and higher profitability.

Market Share

By developing longer-term relationships, businesses can improve their market share and retain it for longer.


Providing more complex services allows a manufacturing business to position itself differently than low-cost competitors and gain an advantage.

Value Co-Creation

Service innovation helps businesses co-create new offers with the customers forming a closer and stronger relationship.

Customer Intimacy

By putting the customer at the center of the service, businesses can establish a more intimate relationship with their customers.

Exclusive Partnership

Fractals Ventures has an exclusive alliance for Brazil and Latin America with the Advanced Services Group (UK), an organization dedicated to enable manufacturing companies with Advanced Services, with many success cases.

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